Holistic Dentistry is a contemporary approach to dental treatment; factoring in the patient’s overall health and wellbeing – not just their teeth! We recognise the profound connection between the mouth and the other parts of the body. As such the approach of a Holistic Dentist is a conscious one, the aim is to understand how treatments of the teeth, mouth and jaw can affect the individual’s overall health as well as recognising that the mouth can reflect certain conditions and identify potential risk factors for the development of other health conditions. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, describes a holistic dental practitioner as one who “believes that treatment of individual conditions takes place only by reference to the whole.”

At Laser + Holistic Dental, we believe that dental treatments should be health enhancing rather than health stressors. We give equal attention to cosmetic considerations by creating attractive smiles in conjunction with optimal biomechanics of the neuromusculoskeletal systems, focusing on selecting biocompatible materials that will be left implanted in your teeth and body for many years to come.

Our Holistic Dentists at Laser + Holistic Dental enjoy working with medical and health practitioners in providing integrated health management for their patients whether they have been diagnosed with metal allergy, heavy metal toxicity or sleep disordered breathing. Having this interdisciplinary team approach contributes to better health outcomes. We endeavour to offer the best services currently available, and do so with a strong social and environmental conscience.

To help you on your path to further understanding the benefits of holistic dentistry and the ways in which we can help you, please review our detailed library of educational materials for patients here. Alternatively, contact us via our Contact page or call one of our friendly staff on (03) 9078 0387 to discuss treatments or any other questions you may have.