Metal Free Dentistry

Metal Free Dentistry is an important part of our treatment philosophy at Laser + Holistic Dental. Learn more about the science behind our choice to be metal free using the links below.

About Metal in Dentistry
Modern dentistry uses a whole host of metallic products to implant into your mouth even the toxic heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper and nickel. Other metals used in precious and non-precious alloys are gold, silver, platinum, palladium, indium, iridium, tin, zinc and cobalt.

Metallic products are excellent electrical and thermal conductors which may be ideal for industrial uses, however these properties can create problems for the patient in a dental setting. The conduction of extreme temperature changes in the oral environment created just from chewing and drinking cold and hot substances can lead to inflammation of the sensitive pulp of the tooth underneath metallic crowns and fillings. Over time the repeated expansion and contraction of the metallic restorations, especially mercury dental amalgam creates stress fractures and cracking and premature loss of tooth structure. 1 , 2

Galvanic Corrosion & Mobilisation of Toxins
Galvanic corrosion is another process resulting from the instability of the metallic alloys and their interaction. Oral galvanism is the manifestation of these reactions which can cause a metallic and sometimes an unusual type of dental pain caused by an electrochemical circuit.3 This is formed when adjacent or opposing dental restorations made of dissimilar metal alloys (e.g. amalgam, yellow and white gold alloys), come into contact in the presence of saliva. When the metals contact, saliva can act as an electrolyte, creating a galvanic cell and causing galvanic corrosion of the metals to gradually take place.4 A sudden, small amount of electric current is generated, flowing through oral tissues and stimulating the nerves in the dental pulp.5

This is a concern for us at Laser + Holistic Dental as we acknowledge these currents in conjunction with environmental electromagnetic fields can drive metallic charged particles/ions throughout the body, disrupting organ function and cell membrane permeability. One obvious result of galvanic corrosion of amalgam fillings is the presence of “amalgam tattoos” that appear within the gum tissue. These are bluish/black pigmented areas of gum tissue that when biopsied are composed of metal particles often including mercury amalgam.6

Research indicates that there is more mobilisation of the metallic particle especially mercury from dental amalgam in people who are using mobile phones and/or had MRIs taken.7 In modern society our expectation of instant communication by way of mobile phones and wifi has increased the level of exposure to invisible electromagnetic fields which is concerning for those with metal dental restorations such as amalgam. As societies industrialize and the technological revolution continues, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number and diversity of electromagnetic field (EMF) sources. While these devices have made our life richer, safer and easier, they have been accompanied by concerns about possible health risks due to their EMF emissions.

For some time a number of individuals have reported a variety of health problems that they relate to exposure to EMF. While some individuals report mild symptoms and react by avoiding the fields as best they can, others are so severely affected that they cease work and change their entire lifestyle. This reputed sensitivity to EMF has been generally termed “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” or EHS.8

It would seem that the people who are genetically predisposed to metal sensitivities will be more at risk of suffering illness

The traditional presumption that dental amalgam is an inert, stable substance is not scientifically valid especially when one considers the quantum of scientific research. It would seem that the people who are genetically predisposed to metal sensitivities will be more at risk of suffering illness especially if exposed to even small amounts of metals. There seems to be a beneficial effect of completely removing metal dental restorations (including dental amalgam) from people with pre-existing autoimmune conditions and replacing these with resin and ceramic materials.9 , 10 Knowing that there is very limited metal allergy testing facilities in Australia, Laser + Holistic Dental prefers to offer a comprehensive range of non metal dental products such as BPA free resin fillings and dentures, zirconia implants, crowns and bridges, and Invisalign orthodontic solutions to avoid any possible adverse reactions caused by metals.

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