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Dr. Lisa Matriste

Qualifications BDSc Hons (Uni of Qld) Associate, Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Environmental Committee, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
Interests Since retiring from clinical practice, I am spending more time retreating to the wilderness. I love wildlife and the natural environment, especially the sun and surf thanks to my Queensland heritage.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? I established the 2nrich Centre to create a multi-faceted approach to addressing the huge range health problems in modern society. I wanted to work in a clinic with progressive and industry leading technology that still had an environmental conscience – the best way to achieve this was to start my own clinic. This has evolved into Laser + Holistic Dental with the focus on developing new clinical standards and utilising the most advanced technology available.

Dr Lisa is currently injured and is not seeing patients.

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dr elias aronis dentist

Dr. Elias Aronis

Qualifications Dr Elias Aronis joined the Laser + Holistic Dental team throughout 2022. Elias completed his Bachelor of Dental Science in 1997 at Melbourne University. Elias embraces a holistic practice of dentistry and shows this through his work with a large emphasis on CBVT images to ensure he is caring for each aspect of the patients health and not what is only visible to the eye.

Elias has completed other courses such as the Masterclass in CBVT interpretation, AADFA Cosmetic injectables, Occlusion and Advanced Aesthetics with the Las Vegas Institute and has completed the IAOMT certification (International Organisation for Oral Medicine and Technology). Along with vigorous training at Laser and Holistic Dental in the state of art technology provided by the practice.

Interests Throughout his years of practices Elias has a very in depth knowledge and interest in TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and is able to educate patients about treatments that honestly change their day to day quality of life. Since learing more about the holistic treatments we provide Elias has also gravitated towards our cavitation procedure and has shown utmost skill in treating these underlying conditions.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Elias joined the Laser and Holistic team after learning how closely the practice philosophy aligns with his core beliefs and the way he has practiced dentistry throughout his career.

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dr mitali syamal dentist

Dr. Mitali Syamal

Qualifications Dr Mitali Syamal joined the Laser + Holistic Dental team at the beginning of 2023. Mitali completed her Bachelor of Bio Medicine at Melbourne University in 2016 and then went on to complete the Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2020 also at Melbourne University. Mitali is very motivated and exceptionally conscientious and talented. She has now undertaken the Invisalign orthodontic course and has successfully completed her primary examinations with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons – even receiving outstanding commendations in the subjects of anatomy, physiology, cell biology, biochemistry and pathology. She has completed other courses such as the Masterclass in CBVT interpretation and has set goals to complete other courses offered by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology so that she will become an Australasian expert in Biological/Holistic dentistry.

Mitali gained her dental experience through working in the rural communities and has a real passion for patient care and shared decision making regarding upcoming treatments. With the rural community presenting a wide range of patients she has gained a thorough understanding that each patient has different circumstances.

Interests Following her career dream of being an Implantologist and being driven by her passion for doing oral surgery, Mitali is embracing the opportunity of delivering these services at Laser+Holistic Dental and becoming a global expert in metal free implantology utilizing the healing benefits of lasers and regenerative therapies.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Upon graduating from Dental school, Mitali took up the challenge to work in regional Victoria knowing that she would be seeing a lot of patients with diverse dental problems that she would be responsible to manage.

Mitali recognized that she was the perfect ‘fit’ to join Laser + Holistic Dental because of her desire to become an expert in progressive dental technologies. Laser+Holistic Dental has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to support dentists to provide a service beyond conventional mainstream dentistry and follows an approach of caring for the body in a larger picture. Mitali also values the experienced practitioner team for mentorship and case management. There is no better place than Laser + Holistic Dental to improve her knowledge and treatment outcomes for her patients. Commitment to excellence and other core beliefs are in alignment!

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Oral Health Therapists
dr mitali syamal dentist

Daniel Ta

Qualifications Daniel Ta joined the Laser + Holistic Dental team at the beginning of 2022. He has brought with him a renewed energy with his holistic beliefs to our team. Daniel completed his Oral Health Therapy degree at Charles Stuart University, Wagga Wagga after years working as a qualified Dental Technician.
Interests Daniel has taken charge of running our inhouse 3D printing Laboratory and will be designing and manufacturing a large portion of dental appliances such as dentures, orthodontic retainers, occlusal splints and bleaching trays. This initiative will prove to be more cost-effective, reduce downtime and improve quality assurance for our patients. In additional to delivering Invisalign orthodontic services, Daniel will also be furthering his education in the area of Dental Sleep Medicine which includes treatments for snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. Helping patients have a better quality of sleep and reduce the associated health risks is very rewarding.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? With the advanced technologies and products available at the clinic Daniel has been able to help patients improve their overall health. Daniel is very passionate in educating his patients in how to maintain optimum oral health and helps his patients to focus on preventive methods rather than invasive treatment options.

When you come to Laser + Holistic Dental for your routine oral health maintenance appointment, Daniel will be the one to perform your clean and help guide you through potential treatment options and direct you to the appropriate dental practitioner for certain procedures. If you are under the age of 26, chances are Daniel will be your main point of contact for appointments.
The passion and care that Daniel shows his patients is next to none and is shown through his quality of treatment.

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Admin & Nursing Staff



Qualifications Caitlin joined Laser + Holistic team as a trainee Dental Assistant. She will be undertaking formal qualification of Certificate III Dental Assisting to develop her skills further. She has undertaken qualifications in her other interest in hospitality and sports science. We can’t wait to watch the direction Caitlin’s career takes as she learns and develops in an educational environment.
Interests With Caitlin’s compassionate nature combined with her interest in dentistry, she provides a safe and nurturing manner to assist with special needs patients and patients that may have a dental phobia. Caitlin is amazing at educating the patients chairside and guiding them through there appointments. Caitlin will also be one of our main staff members assisting with the 3D diagnostic digital scans for treatment. Caitlin really enjoys being part of the progressive and ethical business model of Laser + Holistic Dental. Job satisfaction is achieved when she witnesses the delight of patients upon sharing her knowledge. whilst communicating these differences allowing patient to see how far dentistry has come and the technology available.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? It was an easy decision for me to join Laser + Holistic Dental. The opportunity provided me with a wealth of knowledge beyond any other dental clinic that I had worked at.I knew it was time to make a move as I had outgrown the traditional approach to dentistry. I was excited about embracing the new learning curve and expanding my knowledge about oral health. Laser+Holistic Dental provides me with the support I need whilst I progress in my chosen career. There is so much variety every day as I diversify my skillset – and that makes me feel happy when I help others.




Qualifications Kelly is our newest addition to the Laser and Holistic Dental family, we welcomed Kelly as a training dental assistant with 6 months experience, Although Kelly is fresh into dental she has grown up with her father and aunt as dentists so is very knowledgeable and eager to learn. Kelly began her career path pursuing Communication Design but know that she wanted to change industries to one where she is working closely with patients and provide the care that is needed in the health care sector. Kelly is a motivated young lady who has set her future goals onto becoming a dentist and is hoping to apply for a bio-medicine course in 2023.
Interests During Kelly’s time working as a dental assistant she has grown very fond of surgical and restorative procedures and is enjoying the education development that Laser and Holistic dental can provide with state of the art equipment.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Kelly joined our team after learning about the opportunities for educational development on the holistic approach to dentistry. She has taken an interest into our surgical protocols which allows our patient a much healthy healing process and success rate for future treatment.



Qualifications Advanced diploma in Liberal Arts, Cert lll in Health Admin
Interests Reading, reading and did I mention reading? Also spending time with my loved ones, taking walks and indoor rock climbing.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Working with the fantastic Laser + Holistic dental team is a proof, that, a health provider working together with the patients to improve their whole wellbeing, is a way of the future. It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of a positive change while providing excellent patient care and at the same time utilising cutting edge technology. It truly is a win-win outcome.




Qualifications Meagan joined the Laser and Holistic Dental in 2022 as part of the administrative support team. While Meagan is relatively new to the field of dentistry, her previous employment at a prominent Wellness Spa Retreat and her core values in natural healing ensures that our holistic and spiritual beliefs are embedded into our team. Meagan will be developing the Laser + Holistic signature dental spa experience cultivating a relaxing mood which is always a challenge when visiting the dentist. Meagan’s extensive experience of customer-service roles in retail and hospitality has garnered her with the necessary skills, business acumen, and a passion for providing bespoke service.
Interests As Meagan is quite new to dentistry the opportunity to learn about the effects that our dental and oral conditions can have on our body and overall health has been the most exciting part of her role. With having the opportunity to learn this important part of the health puzzle, Meagan in transforming her own oral health and sharing the news with others.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Like a “bee to honey”, Meagan was drawn to the environmental principles of Laser+ Holistic Dental and is assisting with the beautification of the site both indoors and outside. One of Meagan’s special projects is rehabilitation and planting of the garden beds to attract bees into the hostile urban landscape.




Qualifications VCE Graduate, Interior Decoration Certificate III, Laser Safety Certificate, Currently studying Enrolled Nursing
Interests I enjoy seeing my friends, hanging out at home and watching Netflix. I love going on adventures, whether that be camping or travelling interstate or overseas! I hope to buy a van and do it up so it makes the adventures more fun and comfortable!
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Over the years I have watched Laser + Holistic Dental grow into the practice that needs 100% recognition. The team works collaboratively in providing advanced services and technologies to our patients and it is always a joy to see them fulfilled. We are a close-knit team who have great knowledge of the services and we strive on helping people have the best outcome from their dental work.