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Dr. Lisa Matriste

Qualifications BDSc Hons (Uni of Qld) Associate, Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Environmental Committee, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
Interests Scuba diving, spending time in the wilderness. I love wildlife and the natural environment, especially the sun and surf thanks to my Queensland heritage.
Something about myself I am innovative and prepared to take risks that others wont and will devote my energies towards helping people and adding happiness to their lives.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? I established the 2nrich Centre to create a multi-faceted approach to addressing the huge range health problems in modern society. I wanted to work in a clinic with progressive and industry leading technology that still had an environmental conscience – the best way to achieve this was to start my own clinic. This has evolved into Laser + Holistic Dental where we focus on developing new clinical standards and utilising the most advanced technology available.

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dr edward lee dentist








Dr. Edward Lee

Qualifications BDS/MD (La Trobe)
Interests I regularly play outdoor and indoor soccer to increase concentration and keep myself fit and healthy. I also enjoy playing guitar and listening to music.
Something about myself My personal philosophy is to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness through helping others. I believe that surrounding myself with positive and like-minded people will accelerate my growth. Treating patients as if they are my own family drives me to work harder. I’m passionate about surgery and aesthetics as they allow me to restore perfect smiles for my patients.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? New technologies and innovative approaches in dentistry have attracted me to join the team. It is a guest-oriented clinic and is highly equipped with new technologies. I am always seeking to offer my patients the best possible solutions – being at Laser + Holistic Dental gives me this opportunity.
I am also a big Star Wars fan and I love my lasers!

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dr simon javadi dentist








Dr. Simon Javadi

Qualifications BSc (Melb), DDS (Melb)
Interests Playing indoor soccer, listening to and also playing music (piano), strength training at the gym to stay fit and healthy.
Something about myself I am committed to life-long learning and always striving to achieve excellence professionally. It is through this approach which I believe I can most positively benefit my patients through the services I provide. When not at work, I can often be found supporting my soccer team (AC Milan) from home at the early hours of the morning, taking my German Shepherd for our daily run or enjoying the good food on offer around Melbourne.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Laser + Holistic Dental is a modern practice with like minded practitioners and a friendly and supportive team. There is an emphasis on utilizing the latest technologies to deliver optimal treatment outcomes which resonates with my philosophy of practicing dentistry.

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dr sutanter wander

Dr. Sutanter Wander

Qualifications Masters in Biotechnology (Clinical Microbiology – RMIT University, Melbourne); Bachelor in Dental Surgery (India); Australian Dental Council (ADC).
Interests I love reading reading and enjoy outdoor pursuits including hiking mountains, zip lining and scuba diving. But best of all is daily walks with my beloved puppies and a good coffee which is easy in Melbourne.
Something about myself I am highly motivated and have a special desire to achieve great outcomes in people’s health and wellness. My special interests include oral surgery, paediatric dentistry, TMJ support and diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? I wanted to be involved because I share the passion for holistic wellness and natural dental care practices that Laser + Holistic Dental was built upon. Our philosophy here is that overall wellness comes from optimising the balance between the oral and systemic health.

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Admin & Nursing Staff




Qualifications VCE Graduate, Interior Decoration Certificate III, Laser Safety Certificate, Currently studying Enrolled Nursing
Interests I enjoy seeing my friends, hanging out at home and watching Netflix. I love going on adventures, whether that be camping or travelling interstate or overseas! I hope to buy a van and do it up so it makes the adventures more fun and comfortable!
Something about myself I am a hard-working individual who has very high goals for my future. As I have started studying nursing, I hope to achieve the holistic ability to treat and heal people. My true passion lies in aesthetics so I look forward to becoming a team member of Laser + Holistic Aesthetics when I am qualified.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Over the years I have watched Laser + Holistic Dental grow into the practice that needs 100% recognition. The team works collaboratively in providing advanced services and technologies to our patients and it is always a joy to see them fulfilled. We are a close-knit team who have great knowledge of the services and we strive on helping people have the best outcome from their dental work.



Qualifications Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Certificate III in Mirco Business Operations, IPL/Laser Safety
Officer Certificate, First Aid Level 2
Interests Going to the gym, spending time with my kids, exploring the forests, beaches and different
parts of Australia, camping with my family and entertaining at home.
Something about myself My approach in life – I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow, but I’ll take care of myself so I am
strong enough to face it.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? The philosophy at Laser + Holistic Dental is what naturally attracted me to been part of the
team, I love learning different approaches which are in line with improving one’s physical health.
The team is supportive, committed to helping each individual and been conscious of their needs.



Qualifications VCE Graduate
Interests Exploring and camping under the stars in Australians very own backyard.
Being with my family, preparing and sharing beautiful, nutritious meals.
Something about myself You are what you eat. I absolutely believe in ‘food as thy medicine’. This is a philosophy that has shaped me into the happy healthy person I am today.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? After becoming increasingly aware of the health issues and implications conventional dental procedures and materials have on not just the patient but our environment, I discovered Dr Lisa and the team at Laser + Holistic Dental.
I’m so proud to be a part of a team that truly delivers on best patient care possible, by offering toxic free and biocompatible solutions to our patients with the aim of protecting our planet for us and future generations.



Qualifications – VCE Graduate, Certificate II Small Business (Operations/Innovation), Studying Double degree in Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Arts
Interests Travelling, spending time with my family, listening to music of and learning different languages, playing the piano, and of course FOOD!!
Something about myself “Make good choices, good things happen.”
I find new mottos every day that help me grow and be motivated to always love and be the best version of myself.
My approach to life is simply living day by day, in the present moment.
No matter what life throws at you, catch it, hold onto it.
Make mistakes, learn new things, meet new people, try new things and each time you will learn something new about yourself.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Being and staying a healthy person is a very important aspect of living a long life.
Working at Laser + Holistic Dental has shown me that improving and constantly taking care of your oral health using biocompatible products not only supports and protects us, but also our planet earth.
I am so happy to be a part of a team that is so dedicated to inspiring and helping patients better their health, as well as helping each other to learn, grow, and surround ourselves with positive energy.



Interests Spending time with my family! – I love them more than anything.
Something about myself Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? It is a great feeling to work in an environment with health conscious people. As Laser + Holistic Dental is all about offering safe treatments to our patients using up to date technologies. I really value being a part of a 2nrich philosophy of eliminating exposure to toxins both personally and environmentally.



Qualifications BDSc. (BFUHS, INDIA)
Interests Travelling, reading novels, singing and dancing.
Something about myself “Think positive and positive things will happen”. I am very enthusiastic person and I welcome all the opportunities come to me.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? I am very passionate about dentistry. Working at Laser + Holistic Dental has given me a great opportunity enhance my knowledge in the field of dentistry i.e. working with latest and advanced technology to treat patients with a holistic approach. I consider myself lucky to be a part of great team and supportive environment.


Qualifications DDS (Jimma Uni. Ethiopia), Certificate III In Dental Assistant (Menzies)
Interests Adventuring, reading books, watching soccer, being up to date to dental technologies, discussing meaningful topics and spending quality time with family.
Something about myself I’m friendly, strive for best patient care, optimistic, open minded, compassionate and family oriented.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? I chose Laser and Holistic Dental because the team is advanced in their practice and they strive for best patient care. They have a modern approach in their philosophy by implementing Metal-free dentistry which is better for the patient health and the environment. In addition to that using laser treatment in dentistry and sleep disorder inspire me to join the team.



Qualifications Certificate III In Dental Assisting, First aid, Diploma of child care
Interests Spending time with my kids and taking care of my family. Going to the swimming pool. Dancing, playing music.
Something about myself I am a child of God. I allow myself to forgive; it will allow me to move beyond the pain, to a place of peace. I will speak kindly to others and to myself. I love who I am. I choose to see the good in the people. It is always too early to give up on my goals
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? I’m glad to be a part the Laser & Holistic dental team as they approach Dentistry in a way that promotes overall health and well-being instead of just focusing on the teeth. It is a wonderful feeling to work bunch of supportive professionals working hard just to provide their patients with an excellent treatment using up to date technologies.



Qualifications Tourism and travel agencies management, Engineer on Microsoft server (MCSE ), Dental assistant lll, Diploma of makeup & hairdressing.
Interests I love hanging out with my friends, socialising with people, watching movies and eating at fancy cafes!
Something about myself I believe in hard work and striving to achieve my goals, that is why I moved to Australia all alone, I came here to reach the opportunities I dreamed of and now that I am here I am striving to achieve more of my goals and become someone important in society. I want people to take something away from my service and I want all patients to leave with the satisfaction of my service. Living away from home is an opportunity for me to find myself and to get better at my job, this is my passion, I want to please others in my job.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Dentistry has always been a career choice for me and I think that the technology in this clinic is at a high standard and can get me to where I’ve ambitiously wanted to be. I’ve always wanted to give patients the best dental experience and I am sure that Laser + Holistic dental will give me this opportunity.



Qualifications Advanced diploma in Liberal Arts, Cert lll in Health Admin
Interests Reading, reading and did I mention reading? Also spending time with my loved ones, taking walks and indoor rock climbing.
Something about myself The things that help me in my quest to be a better human is practicing kindness whenever possible, expanding my understanding of the world through learning, being true myself and trusting my instincts.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Working with the fantastic Laser + Holistic dental team is a proof, that, a health provider working together with the patients to improve their whole wellbeing, is a way of the future. It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of a positive change while providing excellent patient care and at the same time utilising cutting edge technology. It truly is a win-win outcome.



Qualifications BDS (GENESIS, India) Pursuing Masters in business information system ( Torrens University, Melbourne).
Interests spending time with family and friends, sky diving( haven’t experienced yet), late-night movies, travelling to different places.
Something about myself I am a person with a positive attitude, anxious about learning new things, lively person with forbearance, enjoys very little things in life. “ you will stumble and fall in life, we all do but be accountable, get up, laugh and keep on going down the road”.

Seeing my people happy makes me happy.

Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Innovative and up to date technologies and thorough care of the patients aspires me to join a very supportive team. Metal free dentistry and laser treatments were new to me which attracted me to learn about the same. Holistic dental is the paradigm of delivering the best dental treatment along with the preservation of the environment . I am really proud to be a part of such an inspiring, encouraging and energetic team.



Qualifications Completing Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
Interests I strongly believe that success is the result of intelligent efforts.
Something about myself Listening to jazz, watching stand-up comedies, reading and spending time with my family.
Why Laser + Holistic Dental? Since working with Laser + Holistic Dental, I have grown to highly appreciate the diverse and unique philosophy in which the human system is viewed not just as different parts but as a whole. I value the opportunity to work with such inspiring and professional people and it makes me very proud to be part of a team that always strives not only to deliver the best dental service but also to protect our environment.