Laser Dentistry

Laser + Holistic Dental uses leading technologies to offer to the help us treat your dental concerns. Dental lasers are one of our most important tools – used in nearly every treatment we offer – even our standard scale and cleans.

Lasers are extremely versatile medical devices, using powerful beams of light to disinfect, cut and seal, or gentle wavelengths to whiten, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.1 , 2 , 3 We will generally use laser assistance for the following procedures:

Laser stands for:
• Light
• Amplification by the
• Stimulated
• Emission of
• Radiation

Lasers are a stream of focused photons that have high energy potential. The first dental laser for commercial use was developed in 1989 and shortly afterwards experiments demonstrated laser effectiveness in cutting enamel, dentine and bone. Since then laser technology has greatly improved and revolutionised the medical field due to their versatility and effectiveness.

Different types of laser have different wavelengths:
laser wavelengths laser dentistry melbourne

Source: Introduction, history of lasers and laser light production – S. Parker.4


In Laser Dentistry these different wavelengths are used for various purposes, offering different benefits for soft and hard tissues.

Soft tissues:

  • Ability to cut, coagulate, ablate or vaporise target tissue elements
  • Sealing of small blood vessels – creates a dry field of surgery
  • Sealing of small lymphatic vessels – reduces swelling
  • Sterilising of tissue
  • Reduced scarring by decreasing post-operative tissue shrinkage


Hard tissues:

  • Ability to selectively ablate decayed dental tissue
  • Reduced peri-operative cracking compared to traditional rotary instrumentation
  • Scope for minimally-invasive restorative treatment of early dental decay
  • Cavity sterilisation