Choosing A Holistic Dentist

It can be difficult to make a decision when looking for a holistic dentist.
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Most people who actively seek out a holistic dentist are far more conscious about their health than the average customer. These sorts of people do a lot of research on things like what sort of materials and technology are used and the dentist’s personal philosophy on controversial matters. The chances are if you are reading this page – you are currently going through this research process yourself.

To make things easier when choosing your holistic dentist, Laser + Holistic Dental has outlined some key areas for you to focus your research on. Remember there is a lot of misleading information on the internet, some of it comes from those who use ‘holistic’ as a buzzword and some of it comes from those who make claims that are not grounded in scientific fact.

Some Things To Consider:
Ask any new prospective holistic dentist some of these questions.

  1. Do they use mercury amalgam, and if not – what are the reasons for their choice?
  2. Are they SMART certified for removing mercury amalgam fillings?
  3. What sort of resin fillings do they use – are they familiar with the chemical composition?
  4. Do they use metals or biocompatible alternative products?
  5. What sort of technology to they integrate into root canal procedures to ensure good patient outcomes?
  6. How do they address radiology needs and limiting radiation exposure?

For more information you might like to read this blog post.

You might also like to learn more about Laser + Holistic Dental’s five point treatment philosophy.

  1. Prioritising Biocompatibility
  2. Metal Free Dentistry
  3. Eliminating Infection
  4. Restorative Sleep
  5. TMJ Support

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