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holistic dentist melbourne

We are have a strong focus on combining technology with evidence based science at Laser + Holistic Dental, making us the holistic dentist of choice in Melbourne. Based in South Yarra, Laser + Holistic Dental is easily accessible from a wide range of Melbourne public transport options and we also have patient parking available behind the building off Balmoral St.

Our Team
At Laser + Holistic Dental all of our dentists believe in taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to understand our patient’s concerns and addressing the root cause of problems wherever possible. By combining this holistic dental philosophy with our advanced technologies our dentists are able to deliver minimally invasive treatments that stimulate natural healing processes.

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holistic dentist melbourne

Our Philosophy
As a holistic dentist in Melbourne, we have a responsibility to offer unique, high-tech treatments to our large population base – with the aim to set new standards for best practise procedures. Laser + Holistic Dental also believes in taking a strong position on many controversial dental topics – from both health and environmental perspectives.

Please read more about our holistic dental philosophy:

  1. Prioritising Biocompatibility
  2. Metal Free Dentistry
  3. Eliminating Infection
  4. Restorative Sleep
  5. TMJ Support

holistic dentist melbourne