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laser and holistic dental melbourne

Based in South Yarra, Melbourne – Laser + Holistic Dental is a truly holistic dental clinic, with a strong focus on combining technology with evidence based science. Our dentist’s believe that dentistry must examine the problems that our patient’s face from holistic or a systems perspective. By taking a holistic approach, it is possible to uncover the root cause of problems and treat those – avoiding a ‘band-aid’ symptoms focused approach.

For example, Laser + Holistic Dental treats many patients who have severe clenching and grinding during sleep, otherwise known as sleep bruxism. Bruxism can cause damage to the jaw joint and teeth, often leading to a range of future complications such as cracked teeth, infections and TMJ damage. A traditional dentist will happily fill a cracked tooth or perform a root canal to remove infection, often without delving deeper into the root cause of the problem.

The most common cause of sleep bruxism is actually an undiagnosed sleep breathing disorder – we would investigate the matter with a diagnostic home sleep study to identify if the patient is suffering from sleep apnoea. From here is then possible to treat any underlying disorder with splints or potentially laser.

Our holistic view on dentistry allows us to look at the big picture and identify how dental related symptoms may be relating to your overall health and well being. At Laser + Holistic we take a strong position on many health related and environmental controversies that are part of the dental industry – to learn more about this we recommend that you read through our philosophy pages.

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laser and holistic dental melbourne