Invisalign Dentist Melbourne

invisalign dentist melbourne

Invisalign at Laser + Holistic Dental

Laser + Holistic Dental treats orthodontic patients from young children to adults with the same philosophy – develop the jaw to improve breathing, biomechanics and to help you straighten your teeth and create a beautiful smile.

We use Invisalign to work with our patients to achieve great results. The three main benefits of Invisalign are:

  1. Virtually Invisible – the aligners are clear, and barely noticeable making Invisalign a more attractive option than braces.
  2. Hygienic – the aligners are easy to remove and clean, preventing food from being trapped, a common problem with braces.
  3. Healthy – Invisalign is metal free and uses a medical grade polymer that is made without some of the nasty plastic additives found in other products.
Book A Free Invisalign Consultation
Get a free assessment with one of our dentists to see if Invisalign is right for you.

A free Invisalign consultation runs for 10-15 minutes and covers the key questions:

  • Will Invisalign work for me?
  • How long will Invisalign take?
  • How much will Invisalign cost?

By the end of the Invisalign consultation we will have a good understanding of your goals and expectations so we can advise you on the best course of treatment.

To organise a free Invisalign consultation – please request a call back here and one of our staff will be in touch shortly.

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    Invisalign Costs

    To find out more about the Invisalign costs, including free teeth whitening, click here.

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    Finding Laser + Holistic Dental

    Located only a three minute walk from Chapel St – Laser + Holistic Dental has easy access by public transport and patient parking available at the rear of the building.

    Read more about Invisalign here.

    invisalign dentist melbourne