Laser Gum Treatment Melbourne

The PIPS Laser Gum Treatment is the cornerstone of our approach to treating periodontal disease at Laser + Holistic Dental.

dr edward lee prepares for a laser gum treatment in melbourne

How does Laser Gum Treatment compare to conventional methods?

The typical ways that gum disease is treated includes a combination of antibiotics, ultrasonics, hand scaling and root planing. This normally means that there is quite a lot of manual force exerted on the gum areas which can mean some post treatment swelling and pain during recovery.

Laser gum treatment offers two main benefits:

“Samples taken from periodontal pockets treated with dental lasers showed no bacterial culture growth…”

  1. Far higher bacterial kill rate to completely eliminate infection: serious gum issues create periodontal pockets where the bone supporting the tooth is lost. These pockets are breeding grounds for the bacteria which allows the infection to get worse over time when left untreated. The laser energy completely kills off these bacterial populations without the need for antibiotics or other chemical treatments.
  2. Faster recovery, less swelling, less pain: laser gum treatments require virtually no physical contact with the sensitive gum line compared to manual scaling methods. The laser energy also seals the gums and cleans the tooth surface to encourage fast healing and reattachment of the gum to the tooth root.

Dr Edward Lee discusses the benefits of laser gum treatments below:

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