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Laser + Holistic Dental was Australia’s first SMART Certified dentist, endorsed by Say No To Mercury. Our dentists have practised mercury free dentistry for over 30 years – believing it is the best interest of the patient, the dental staff and the environment to never place a mercury amalgam filling. It is equally important to remove mercury amalgam fillings – only doing so using the strict SMART protocol.

Mercury is a well known neurotoxin, and mercury from dental fillings has been proven to leach into the human body where it accumulates over time – particularly in organs like the brain and kidneys.1, 2 Mercury poses an especially great risk to children in utero and for newborns – currently Australia’s National Health & Medical Research Council recommends that no children, pregnant women or women of child bearing age are treated with mercury amalgam dental fillings.3

At Laser + Holistic Dental we take this view to the next level – in our opinion no one should ever be treated with mercury dental fillings.

mercury free dentist melbourne
Why Choose A Mercury Free Dentist?

Because dental amalgam contains about 50% mercury, the use of the material poses a substantial risk to all who come in contact with it. The dental industry has failed to recognised the risks of continuing to use an obsolete technology that dates back more than 200 years. By choosing a SMART certified, mercury free dentist – you are supporting those professionals who understand these risks and are well educated on how to best care for their patients when mercury is involved.

The SMART Certification was developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology to protect dental patients, dental staff and the environment from the harmful effects of mercury exposure.

Some of the precautions Laser + Holistic Dental takes when removing mercury amalgam fillings include:

  • Mandatory airway protection: to prevent the patient and staff from inhaling a huge dose of mercury during the dental procedure.
  • Use of non-latex rubber dams: to block mercury vapour and stop the ingestion of mercury particles.
  • Strategic suction devices: to suck up the mercury vapour from entering the atmosphere.
  • Use of amalgam separator machines: to prevent dental mercury entering the water stream where it becomes an environmental toxin and poisons wildlife

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mercury free dentist melbourne
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