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NightLase uses a laser to trigger collagen production in the throat. This creates a tightening effect in the soft tissues which reduces the vibrations that normally cause snoring.

NightLase is growing in popularity because:

  • NightLase is virtually painless
  • NightLase is quick and comfortable
  • NightLase is highly effective
95% of patients treated saw improvements in their snoring2

Laser + Holistic Dental was the first dental clinic in Australia to offer the revolutionary NightLase snoring treatment. Check out the video to see the NightLase treatment in action at Laser + Holistic Dental.

Why choose NightLase?

NightLase is a proven snoring treatment that is only growing in popularity.

Studies on NightLase have shown it to be a highly effective method to stop snoring. One study found 95% of patients treated with NightLase saw improvements in their snoring.2 Other studies found that snoring symptoms improved by 85% following a complete course of NightLase treatment and that 80% of patients reported being able to breathe easier, with higher levels of alertness and focus.1 , 3

  • High treatment success rates.2 , 3
  • Effective, long term results.1
  • Walk In, Walk Out – no pain, no downtime.
  • No Gadgets, Oral Splints or Surgery.
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