Treatment For Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums are a warning sign that you have Gingivitis – a type of gum infection that can eventually become a serious problem.

What causes my gums to bleed?

Gingivitis is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene that allows bacteria to take over and form plaque on your teeth. Plaque can harden over time into tartar or calculus, which is usually an off white, crumbly layer on your teeth around the edges of your gums. The bacteria irritate and inflame your gums over time, causing them to swell and bleed. The gum infections are also one of the main causes of bad breath – the bacterial infection can create a distinctive ‘rotting’ smell which can be embarassing and difficult to treat.

What happens if I don’t deal with my gum infection?

Over time, the bacteria that are causing your gums to bleed will start causing major harm to the gums, leading to bone loss. You may not realise that gum disease is actually the main reason why people lose teeth!

The photo below shows the progression of gingivitis into periodontitis – the serious infection that causes bone loss and teeth to eventually fall out.

Thankfully modern laser technology is extremely effective at killing the bacterial infections that cause bleeding gums, gingivitis and periodontitis.
treatment for bleeding gums

Why laser treatments are the best for bleeding gums and killing off infections.

The conventional way to treat advanced gingivitis or more serious periodontal disease usually involves antibiotics, ultrasonics and sharp instruments to mechanically scrape and debride the infected area. This procedure can be painful and will require a significant recovery period if the gum infection was severe. The ultrasonic scaler is good at killing off a significant amount of the bacterial infection – but it falls short when compared to a laser.

At Laser + Holistic Dental we use the PIPS Periodontal Treatment to vaporise the bacteria, their waste products and the biofilm that they live in. The laser energy wipes the tooth surface clean, which provides an ideal surface for the gum to start recovering and reattach to the teeth.

The laser treatment also seals the gum line and blood vessels so there is minimal bleeding or swelling which makes the laser treatment very comfortable compared to the conventional methods.

Dr Edward Lee discusses the benefits of laser gum treatments below:

Eliminating Infection is one of the core points of our philosophy at Laser + Holistic Dental. Learn more about the technology we use to kill off infection and boost your oral health here.