Dr Lisa Matriste – Dentist

dr lisa matriste dentist laser and holistic dental

Dr Lisa Matriste is the founding dentist at Laser + Holistic Dental.

Dr Lisa has taken a special interest in technology and holistic dentistry over more than 30 years as a dental practitioner – with her knowledge serving as the founding blocks for Laser + Holistic Dental’s unique dental philosophy.

About Dr Lisa Matriste

Dr Lisa’s dental philosophy is forward thinking – combining advances in technology, evidence-based science and her own desire to offer patients a truly comprehensive and holistic dental service.

Two major points of Dr Lisa’s approach to dentistry are:

  1. Using technology that stimulates natural healing processes
  2. Dental treatments should be health enhancing rather than health stressors

1. Lasers are an integral part of dentistry for Dr Lisa – providing excellent versatility at eliminating infections, sealing wounds and triggering the body’s regeneration responses. By using lasers Dr Lisa’s patients recovery time and overall oral health is improved.

2. Dr Lisa is a strong advocate for biocompatible dental materials – she has practised mercury free dentistry for over 30 years.

Through Laser + Holistic Dental, Dr Lisa aims to promote healthy and sustainable practises, leading by example. Dr Lisa is the founder of Australians for Mercury Free Dentistry/Say No To Mercury NGO accredited with the United Nations Environment Programme.

Dr Lisa currently uses her knowledge to lobby both Australian and International governments to adopt progressive health policies and end the mercury age of dentistry by 2020.

dr lisa matriste dentist laser and holistic dental